Poreflon tube

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PTFE Sheet
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1 -12 mm
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Poreflon™ Tube is flexible and fibrous-structural tubes,produced by our unique processing technology.The tube is made of PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) and have excellent heat-resistant amd chemically stable properties.(except some chemicals including molten alkali metals and high-temperature fluorine gas)
It features flexibility and easy workability. Also it features superior tensional strength.
It can be used as heat insulating materials and gasket in the field of semiconductor,liquid crystal and medicine. Also it can be used as wire insulation.

Features & Benefits
  • (1)There is not an extraction by stability for the most acids,alkalis and solvents.(except some chemicals including molten alkali metals and high-temperature fluorine gas)
  • (2)Heat resistance of 260℃.
  • (3)Water repellent
  • (4)Flexibility and easy workability.
  • (5)Superior tensional strength.
Industry used
semiconductor,liquid crystal,medicine,electric wire
1.heat insulating material
2.wire insulating material




*IRRAX WIRE:Electron beam crosslinking, heat-resistant, thin-shaped, small diameter,

                        high intensity, halogen- free, high- speed data transmission balanced cable.

*SUMI-CARD:Flexible, Flat, slidable

*FPC:Multi-layered, high density circuit

*Encoder Cable and Instrumentation Cable:Connectors mounted, flexible, grease resistant,


*Sensor Cable:Hydrolysis-resistant, halogen-free, flexible


-Winding wires-

*Magnet wire(for compressor motor):Heat-resistant up to 200℃

*Magnet wire(Scratch resistant winding wire):Press molding resistant, heat-resistant, abrasive

*Magnet wire(High-voltage heat-resistant winding wire):Press molding resistant,

                                                                                               heat-resistant, abrasive


-Special wire-

*Triple Layer Wire:Miiaturization, weight-saving, UL insulating system


-Connectors(various manufactures)-

*For Automotive:Dislocation-proof, vibration resistant, low-profile,compact, water-proof

*For Consumer appliances:Dislocation-proof, automatic-mounting support

*For Industrial equipment:Powe/signal composite, high current, robust, water-proof


-Heat-resistant, heat-shrinkable tubes-

 *IRRAX tube:Electron beam crosslinking, halogen-free, soder resistant

*SUMI tube:Shape memory, insulating, water-proof, printable

*IRRAX sleeve:Shape memory, insulating, water-proof, printable

*Mold shirinkage products:Shape memory, insulating, water-proof, branched


-Wire harnesses-

*Sub-harness for automotive:TS16949 approved

*Consumer appliances:UL approved

*Industrial equipment:UL approved

*Railway equipment:Halogen-free, instrumentable, railway platform gate


-Electronic parts-

*Speaker unit:Finished lead wire

*Sensors, Switches:Products of various manufactures

*Spring terminal blocks:Man-hour reductio, labor-saving, no retighteing necessary


-Fiber optic-related products-

*Media converters:Hight-reliability, ITS domain (ETC)

*Hub switches:Hight-reliability, ITS domain (ETC)

*Laser/receiver (Optical devices):High-speed transmission, compact in size, 

                                                        Broad temperature range

*H-PCF:Highly elastic, plastic core, assembled on-site

*Composite fiber-optic cables:Power supply/ signal consolidated, connector mounted

*Rotary connectors:Contactless transmission/ power supply, substiute slip ring


-Optical modules-

*SFP,XFP,X2(Optical date links):High-speed transmission,compact in size,

                                                      broad temparature range

*SUMI-net (Optical modems):

*Boqard design, mounting:Heat/ noise/ transmission speed simulation

*ACLC(data transmission modems with coaxial cable):utilize existing coaxial cable

                                                                                             100Mbps, support PoE



*LED elements(modules):

*Reflectors:Coated with highly pure aluminum


-Powser metallurgies-

*In-car sintered products:Near shape, Highly- reliablily

*Tungsten(heavy metals):sintered product, in form of flexible sheet

*Erectrical contact:Silver, assembled products

*Cutting tools:Superfine micro drill

*Soft magnetic sintered iron powder products:Reactor, chalk, common rail solenoid core

*ZnSn (Zinc selenium) Optical lens parts:Far-infrared transparent


-Electronic materials-

*Form metal (Nickel series):Nickel hydride battery, filter element

*Form metal (Aluminium series):

*LIGA (electroformed micro parts):Nicrofine inspection probe

*Paste, ink (Nano silver):Substitute for old tin bonding, bloomless


-Heat Release Materials-

*AIN, AISiC, Si-Si-C (Ceramic series):Nickel hydride battery, filter element


*Copper diamond (Copper alloy series):High thermal conductivity, low-thermal expansion

*Copper tungsten (Copper alloy series):High thermal conductivity, low-thermal expansion

 *Copper molybdenum (Copper alloy series):High thermal conductivity, low-thermal expansion

*Aluminum series:Custom designed, narrow pitch fin



*DLC coating (Abrasion-proof, slidomg coating):Sliding loss reduction, self- lubricating

*Crosslinked PTFE coating(Abrasion-proof, slidomg coating):Abrasion-resistant,

                                                                                                         sllip propperth



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